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As a partner in productivity we help our customers stay ahead at the forefront of their industries. Check out the case studies with CNC solutions for a wide range of applications in various industries.

Universal machine for small parts and large components

Customer: Ferdinand Steck Maschinenfabrik AG, Switzerland

Machinetype: Uniport 6000


  • High flexibility: all machining work performed on a single machine
  • Precise, multi-sided machining
  • Wide variety of workpiece sizes can be machined, thanks to a high vertical clearance of 1550 mm

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Old NC programs operate 1:1 on new CNC machine

Customer: ABB Turbocharging, Switzerland

Machinetype: Unicom 7000


  • Powerful turning and milling
  • High flexibility and accuracy
  • Quick pallet changing times

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Performing multiple operations on complex welded structures

Customer: VDL Konings (NL)

Machinetype: Uniport 6000


  • Reduced downtime thanks to pendulum configuration
  • A single machine for all operations, instead of several separate machines
  • Outstanding performance in terms of quality, reliability and speed

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Your productivity really take off

Leading suppliers in the aerospace industry choose our CNC machining centres for manufacturing medium to large-sized aluminium components efficiently and cost effectively. Key components in aircraft construction for which our proven machining concepts are deployed include:

  • wing components
  • empenage components
  • fuselage sections
  • seating and cargo rails

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Raising forklift mast processing to the next level

More and more forklift truck manufacturers are using our UNIMAST CNC machines to mill their mast profiles. A dedicated machine offering you:

  • High uptime, low downtime
  • High flexibility: all profiles are processed in pairs on a single machine
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to program
  • Safe working environment for your operators
  • Fully tailored to your material flow

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Smoothly machining of pump and valve equipment

Prestigious manufacturers around the world rely on our solutions and support. They benefit various features:

  • Wide range of closed and open machine designs
  • High flexibility
  • Automatic pallet changer
  • Pendulum machining
  • Optimum spindle times
  • Automatic head changer
  • Carrousel turning station
  • In-process measuring probe in its own slide

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Machining front axles revolves around efficiency

Machining forged non-drive front axles for trucks and buses comes with its challenges. As the market leader in this field, we know exactly what you need to machine a front axle on every side perfectly, using just one set-up.

Our UNITWIN 6000 has been embraced by respected truck manufacturers and suppliers across the world. Thanks to this machining centre, you can also make your manufacturing methods more productive, more flexible and more accurate.

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