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a complete CNC machining centre that combines great flexibility with
incredible productivity


2 powerful main spindles, 4.5 minutes per axle!

World leader in front axles since 1996

Front axles in rapid tempo

For OEMs wanting real productivity, the Unitwin 6000 is a state-of-the-art CNC machining centre. It cuts cycle times on axle manufacture dramatically – down to as little as 4½ minutes per axle! Equipped with twin spindles that operate either simultaneously or independently, this unique all-in-one solution can machine various kingpin angles. And because the spindles tilt, the Unitwin 6000 can perform all sorts of operations: milling, drilling, boring & reaming. It’s a complete CNC machining centre, offering an excellent return on investment.


  • Increased output at reduced cost
  • Versatility and speed
  • Intuitive operation, and safe too!

Increased output at reduced cost

Produce front axles faster and at lower cost. It’s really possible with the state-of-the-art Unitwin 6000. The unique twin main spindles of this innovative, turn-key solution can be tilted to machine various kingpin angles. And when operated simultaneously the two spindles cut cycle times dramatically. If you’re looking for quality and productivity turn to Unisign, the market leader in reliable CNC machines that offer excellent return on investment.

Versatility and speed

One CNC machine that can do so much. With two tilting spindles plus A-Axis, the state-of-the-art Unitwin 6000 can perform all sorts of operations: milling (including outer circumference), drilling (including cross holes and spring pad holes), boring & reaming. Yet versatility isn’t the only gain from this turnkey solution. You also get higher productivity and lower manufacturing cost per part: the automatic loading crane provides quick parts changeover, while the two independently operable spindles allow fast tool changes too. And that means near-continuous production.

Intuitive operation, and safe too!

A CNC machine this versatile and flexible can still be a dream to operate. The Unitwin 6000 programming method has been optimised for front axles: a full product program can now be generated by simply entering the required parameters of the beam. And you can rely on 3D zero-point correction for optimum positioning too – so your setups will always be accurate. A large variety of front axles can be clamped and fixture changes for less common beam types are easy to do. This state-of-the-art CNC machining centre is safe for operators, with a fully enclosed working area that offers a really good all-round view of the complete process.

technical specifications

The two tilting spindles plus A-Axis make a range of operations possible, while the ability to park one spindle and use the other increases uptime for maintenance or tool changes.

  • Work area
  • Spindle
  • Various
  • Accessories

Work area

  • X-axis
    4.200 mm
  • Y-axis
    600 mm
  • Z-axis
    500 mm


  • Gear box driven spindle (2x)
    51 kW
    6.000 min-1
    1.000 Nm
  • B-axis tilting
    ± 15 °


  • Tooling
  • Taper size
    HSK-A100 / SK50
  • Number of pockets
    # 2x39
  • Tool change time
    6 sec
  • Speed
  • Rapid traverse
    up to 40.000 mm/min
  • Feed Rate
    up to 40.000 mm/min


  • Two powerful main spindles
  • Automatic loading
  • Fixture for range of beams
  • Tool monitoring for both spindles

cnc machine application

  • Truck

With over a million truck front axles being produced every year on Unisign machines it’s fair to say that we know what we are talking about in applications like these for the truck makers industry. We have established a world leading position by introducing the Unitwin6000, a CNC machine with two very powerful main spindles. The improvement in quality and reduction in cycle time is astonishing!

applications for truck

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